The new generation of laser rangefinders is fast.

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The new generation of laser rangefinders is fast.

Together with an Gun or Bow a rangefinder May
Eliminate any explanation for missing your goal But that rangefinder is
ideal for you? There are scores of versions which may quantify uphill and downhill
angles, spit out the space in yards or meters and also see through the rain
along with a display of leaves.

We place five of the Latest rangefinder versions through a Collection
Of real-world evaluations ranging an assortment of close and far objects dull and reflective surfaces We used them at the wincing brightness of high noon and the final
weak light of day This is what we discovered.

2009 OUTDOOR LIFE EDITOR'S CHOICELeica Rangemaster1200Total Rating:Having a glowing 7X eyepiece, this trimming monocular would make a nice
Optic with no own electronics. The rangefinder is fast and true,
and while its red LED screen is brilliant at low light, it has a tendency to fade or
perhaps vanish in full daylight. I particularly enjoy the spare screen, using a
straightforward red sighting square. And as you are never going to shoot workout to 1,200
yards, it is interesting to array objects at the distance. My single dig is the device
could be a bit inconsistent in acquiring goals. 7.1 ounce,; $600;
us.leica-camera. com)

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Report Card ACCURACY: A+ EASE OF USE: AFEATURES: A PRICE/VALUE: B[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]Brunton Echo Overall Rating:A basic unit That's capable of ranging outside to 440 yards, the
Echo was somewhat bulky for my hands, and also the 6X eyepiece was rather dim in
low light. Nevertheless, the black LCD screen is clean and easy to use with nominal
Manual analyzing, and I enjoy the planning stage and crosshair reticle. This is a
Budget rangefinder that can vary with
Tolerable speed everywhere from 15 yards out to 440 yards. (7.9 ounce; $180;
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